At Smart Controller, we understand that our clients are busy and need results now, otherwise they lose time and money. Here is what some of them have to say.


Healthinc is an Australian medical software company, specialising Radiology applications. Healthinc was established in 2001 and has an annual turnover of approximately $6M Australian, employs approximately 30 full time staff and has hundreds of customer sites in almost major town in Australia and parts of NZ.

I am an owner Director of Healthinc, and am responsible for IT development and R & D. Previously I was a senior project manager in GE Medical systems Australia and have 20+ years of IT experience in the Australian medical system and medical research.

Almost since my company’s inception, Healthinc has been involved with Angelo Fraietta and QuikScribe. The Quikscribe Recorder and Player software have been a foundation application in our radiology application suite and we have successfully deployed over 500 Quikscribe licenses in sites across Australia. In the high performance and fast turnover radiology dictation environment Quikscribe has performed flawlessly for years and continues to provide stable performance despite changing hardware and operating system environments.

When I first met Angelo while reviewing dictation systems, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of software integration and flexibility of the application. Over the past 7 or so years, Angelo has improved Quikscribe and implemented what can only be described as amazing features – many of which are so far in advance of competing products that Quikscribe may legitimately be described as being “in a market of its own”.

We continue to use the Quikscribe dictation system and have no plans on changing our policy. The application has proven to be an excellent example of innovative Australian software ability.

I would be pleased to discuss my support of Quikscribe if desired.

Terry Callaghan – Director

IT and Research and Development

Healthinc Pty Ltd

Ph 0418 448048


eScribe was established in 2003 to meet the rising demands of the professional corporate, legal, medical and academic industries for fast, cost-effective transcription solutions that wouldn’t compromise on quality.

Since our inception, eScribe has quickly developed a reputation for professionalism, quality and above all, timeliness-crucial elements for maintaining our clients’ professional credibility in an increasingly fast-paced business environment.

From time to time, we require expert advice from industry leaders who specialise in the development of digital dictation and transcription products, to enable us to overcome glitches and problems that occur with technology. I have found that Angelo Fraietta is always able to analyse and correct any problems I am having with my transcription system, which in turn helps to enable our company to fulfil its timeliness mandate to our clients.

Vicki McLean – Manager

eScribe Digital Transcription Services

Miser Hosted Solutions

Miser Hosted Solutions is a company that consists of legal industry professionals who have a broad understanding of every facet of law office technology requirements.

Miser has been delivering LEAP solutions for the past two years with both in house and hosting models; however the business owners have long time industry expertise extending back to Wang Computer days, and even before those times in the legal computer sector. They have expert knowledge in all applications of law firms and understand most current software applications on the market.

Digital dictation and transcription is now the standard method lawyers are using to produce their correspondence. We have found that Angelo Fraietta always delivers effective, prompt, accurate, and courteous support to our clients for their dictation and transcription system, enabling them to resume work in the shortest period. This in turn reflects positively our business. For this reason, I now recommend him to my clients that are critically dependent upon dictation and transcription.

Ian Bollen – Director

Miser Hosted Solutions

Dr George Khut

Angelo Fraietta designed and built custom sensor interfaces (breath and pulse sensors) for three of my interactive artworks “res’onance-body-box“, “Cardiomorphologies” and “Drawing Breath“. With each project he worked as an active collaborator on the hardware design process, clearly communicating his knowledge of the technologies we where working with and the options they presented. Work was always completed on time, and importantly, he has always factored in time to test and refine his designs with me ahead of the project deadline. I would highly recommend Angelo Fraietta as an hardware-software engineer to anyone working in the area of bespoke interactive art and design design.

The inclusion of OpenSoundControl and Bluetooth functionality in many of Angelo’s ready-made I/O devices – and their ability to be customized to suit the needs of individual projects, distinguish his products and services from other more generic, off-the-shelf solutions.

Dr George Khut – Interactive Artist and Researcher

VJ Sustenance

As a media artist, I have used Angelo Fraietta’s Dumb Controller for many years now. It has been an integral part of my interactive artworks Lucid Touch and Krankin’. I also use it in live performances as VJ Sustenance. It is the interface between my physical controller, the v-tar and my software. I have travelled extensive with the Dumb Controller and I have always found it stable and robust. Over the years Angelo has provided immediate support and advice when needed. The Dumb Controller is excellent for media art experimentation.

Lynne Sanderson aka VJ Sustenance

Timothy Opie

Angelo’s CV to MIDI controller is fantastic. I originally bought one to assist me with creating a digital instrument interface. The setup process was simple, the accuracy was great, and the price was excellent. Angelo also offered a lot of personal advice which was invaluable. The device was used as part of my granular synthesis instrument “Poseidon”, which was a component of my masters research “Creation of a Real-Time Granular Synthesis Instrument for Live Performance”. After I successfully finished my masters research I bought another CV to MIDI controller from Angelo because I found it it to be a really versatile interface which can be used in a plethora of circumstances and installations.

Timothy Opie – President Australasian Computer Music Association

Wade Marynowsky

I have worked with Angelo Fraietta on several art projects using specifically developed and custom – built electronics. He has been a a pleasure to work with and always responds quickly to emails which I think is highly important when developing new projects with tight deadlines. The technology developed by Angelo has been fail safe and I have had no crashes or blow outs. Highly recommended!

Wade Marynowsky – Sound Artist

Craig Connard

One day I decided that my band needed super bright, glowing, Midi-controlled LED light tables for our live show. When I started the project, I was pretty sure that I wanted to use control voltages… but I had a lot of questions. Through my internet research I came across Angelo, and he definitely sent me in the right direction. He saved me countless headaches, and sold me a MiniCV which was preprogrammed to my specifications. It worked so well that I immediately bought another one and built a second table. They’ve been such a huge hit at our shows that I now have plans to build all sorts of Midi driven stage gadgetry. All in all, the tables turned out far better than I thought they would and it was in large part due to Angelo’s advice and products.

See performances at

Craig Connard – Musician